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Divorce Involving Business

Divorce Lawyers for Business Owners in San Antonio 

Experienced Divorce Lawyers for Business Owners in San Antonio 

Divorce is undoubtedly a difficult and emotionally charged experience for anyone to go through. When you're a business owner, the stakes can be even higher. Not only are you dealing with the emotional upheaval of a divorce, but you also have to worry about how it will impact your business. As a business owner, your company is likely one of your most valuable assets, and you understandably want to protect it.

At Wilson Law, we understand the unique challenges that San Antonio business owners face during a divorce. We know that it can be overwhelming to navigate the legal and financial complexities of divorce while also trying to keep your business running smoothly.

Our experienced divorce attorneys will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals for your business during the divorce process. We can help you negotiate a fair settlement that protects your business interests and minimizes the impact on your company's operations. We have experience working with complex business structures, including partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, and can help you understand the legal and financial implications of your decisions.

We also recognize that divorce is an emotional and stressful experience, and we strive to provide compassionate support to our clients throughout the process. We will keep you informed every step of the way and provide guidance and support as you make important decisions about your future and the future of your business. At Wilson Law, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce while protecting your business interests.

If you are a business owner in San Antonio and you are considering divorce, contact us online or call us at (210) 405-4919 to learn how we can help you protect your business while navigating the legal complexities of divorce.

Have Questions?

We Have Answers!
  • Will I have to pay alimony? Do Texas courts award alimony?

    Long-term alimony is very unusual in Texas.

    However, temporary or permanent spousal support will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The court will consider several factors, including the length of the marriage, both spouses’ jobs or job skills, health concerns, and other considerations. 

  • How long will it take to get my divorce finalized?
    There are too many factors to consider to give a definitive answer to this question. The simple answer is this: Texas requires a 60-day waiting period from when the papers are filed before a divorce can be finalized. However, complicated matters and disagreements will prolong the process.
  • Does it matter who files for divorce?
    If the court is necessary, the party who files the divorce papers presents their case first. However, it doesn’t matter who files the documents with the county clerk in most cases.
  • Can the court require my spouse to pay for the attorney fees?

    Typically, each person will pay their own attorney. However, the court may sometimes allow one party to use the community property to pay these fees. 

    The court may also equalize the fees between attorneys on both sides so that your spouse can draw out community funds to pay their attorney.

Distribution of Business Interests During a Divorce

The distribution of business interests during a divorce can be a complex and challenging process, with various options available to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for both parties. Each method has its pros and cons, and the most suitable approach depends on factors such as the nature of the business, each spouse's involvement, and their ability to work together post-divorce.

One option for distributing business interests in a divorce is through a buyout. In this scenario, one spouse buys out the other spouse's share of the business, effectively becoming the sole owner. This approach is often preferred when one spouse is more actively involved in the business or when both parties agree it's in their best interest to keep the business intact. 

A buyout can be accomplished through various means, such as a lump-sum payment, property exchange, or an installment plan. However, the buyout option may not be feasible if the purchasing spouse lacks sufficient funds or assets to compensate the other spouse.

Another approach to distributing business interests during a divorce is co-ownership. In this arrangement, both spouses continue to co-own and operate the business even after the divorce is finalized. This option may be suitable when both parties have a strong working relationship and can effectively run the business together. It's crucial to establish a detailed agreement outlining each spouse's responsibilities, decision-making authority, and financial contributions to avoid potential conflicts in the future. Co-ownership may not be ideal if the spouses are unable to maintain a productive working relationship post-divorce.

In some cases, selling the business and dividing the proceeds might be the most viable option for distributing business interests during a divorce. This approach ensures a clean break for both parties and provides them with their share of the business's value. However, selling a business can take time, and market conditions or the specific circumstances of the business may make it difficult to find a willing buyer or achieve an optimal sale price.

Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the complexities of dividing business interests and ensure a fair and equitable outcome for both parties. At Wilson Law, we are dedicated to helping you protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome from the divorce process.

How Can we Help You Protect Your Business Interests

A divorce attorney with experience in handling cases involving businesses can provide invaluable assistance during the divorce process. At Wilson Law, our experience navigating the complexities of business valuation and division of assets during a divorce can help you achieve an equitable outcome while minimizing the impact on your business. We understand the unique needs of San Antonio business owners, and we strive to protect our clients' interests throughout the divorce process.

We can help you protect your business interests during your divorce by providing:

  • Guidance on business valuation: We understand the various methods of business valuation and can help you select the most appropriate one for your specific situation. 
  • Customized strategy for protecting your interests: We will develop strategies to protect your business interests, whether it involves negotiating a fair settlement or advocating for your position in court. We can help minimize the impact of the divorce on your business operations and ensure its continuity.
  • Aggressive advocacy during division of business assets: Dividing business assets can be a complex process, especially when dealing with issues like ownership structures, debt, and tax implications. 
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution on your behalf: Divorces involving businesses can often lead to contentious disputes between spouses. We can help mediate these conflicts, negotiate settlements, and facilitate effective communication between both parties.
  • Guidance on tax and financial implications: We are well-versed in the tax and financial implications of dividing business assets and can help you make informed decisions that minimize potential tax liabilities and protect your financial future.

As experienced negotiators, we will work with you to secure a fair settlement for both parties that protects your rights and interests. We also specialize in asset division, retirement plans, spousal support, child custody agreements and more. No matter how contentious or complicated your situation may become, our lawyers are prepared to provide you with strategic advice and aggressive representation to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family. We understand unique challenges that business owners face during a divorce, we are committed to helping you protect your interests while navigating the legal complexities of the process. 

If you're a business owner in San Antonio and you're considering filing for divorce, contact our experienced family law at Wilson Law today by filling out our online form or calling us at (210) 405-4919.