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What Factors Affect Divorce Costs in Texas?

Blogs from August, 2022


What are the factors that affect the cost of a divorce in Texas?

Let’s answer this question and discuss why sometimes spending more on an exceptional attorney may serve you better in the future.

How Much Will Your Divorce Cost? Here Are Some of the Factors

One friend may have spent $15,000 on their divorce, while another might have had to shell out double or triple that amount. So why does the cost of divorce vary so much? Here are some of the factors in the varying divorce cost in Texas.

Child Custody Considerations

Divorces that involve children usually cost more than ones where the couple has no minor children. This only makes sense, as a lot of time goes into creating a parenting plan.

The divorce negotiations must consider matters of child support, custody arrangement, and parenting time. If the other parent doesn’t agree with you on one of these matters, the family law court will need to get involved, which will increase the cost of the divorce.

Uncontested Divorce vs. Contested Divorce

Contested divorces cost more than uncontested. You may need to put aside your emotions to minimize the divorce cost. An uncontested divorce is usually a faster and cheaper divorce in Texas than a contested one, as arguments lead to increased court fees and attorney fees.

Divorce process

The divorce process is one of the most critical factors that affect the cost of your divorce in Texas. The most expensive process involves courtroom litigation, which may require a legal team (and extensive financial resources.) Collaborative divorce (and mediation) can be used to help you save on court costs and legal fees.


Alimony tends to be one of the most contested issues of a Texas divorce. As a result, you may have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to gather information and resolve disputes regarding spousal support.

Lawyer’s Fees

The cost of legal representation may vary depending on the law firm you choose to represent you. While you might be tempted to choose your Texas divorce lawyer entirely on how much they charge, it is crucial that you select an experienced divorce attorney to oversee your divorce case.

Paying for an experienced family law attorney from a highly reputable law office may mean you will have fewer divorce issues in the future. An experienced attorney will also look out for your best interests during the property division of community property.

Filing Fee

The divorce filing fee and court costs vary from county to county. Learn more about court fees and fee waivers by reviewing this article.

Contact a San Antonio Divorce Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

As you can see, several factors go into the cost of a Texas divorce. Consider scheduling free consultations with the top-rated divorce lawyers in your area to find a law firm that is the right match for you. We know you are concerned about the cost of your final divorce decree, but it is essential that you find the right lawyer who will look after your best interests.

If you need legal assistance and are seeking a divorce in Texas, contact Wilson Law, a top San Antonio law firm.

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