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Cheap Divorce in Texas: 5 Ways to Keep Divorces Affordable

Blogs from July, 2022


Getting a cheap divorce in Texas is often a painful process – even if you and your spouse are trying to be mature about the proceedings. Besides having to face difficult decisions about the children and matters of custody, ex-couples also have to worry about the cost of attorneys and legal fees.

We want to give you tips on saving money as you complete the divorce process. However, we also don’t want you to overlook the value of an excellent Texas lawyer walking beside you during your turbulent time.

How to Get a Low-Cost Divorce in Texas

Limit your communication with your divorce attorney.

You may struggle to sleep at night because your mind is whirling with questions you need to ask your divorce lawyer. Instead of grabbing your laptop in the middle of the night to send a quick email, write your questions or concerns on paper. Then wait a few days to see if the issues resolve themselves.

If not, send one longer email to your attorney rather than a series of short ones. Combining messages can help save more money than you think, especially if the communication is succinct.

Determine whether you need the help of a divorce lawyer or your therapist.

Are you looking for an additional way to cut down on your billable hours? Remember that your lawyer is not your therapist. You are paying your attorney to answer questions that are matters of law.

Other emotional considerations should be addressed with a counselor or mental health professional.

Mediation can reduce legal fees – but be careful.

Mediation is often touted as the key to a cheap divorce in Texas – because expensive family law attorneys aren’t part of the process. During divorce mediation, the couple can discuss their parenting plan and how to divide assets – especially those with sentimental value –and other issues.

When the couple cannot reach an agreement, litigated divorces are necessary. Unfortunately, divorce litigation can be painful and expensive.

The Downsides of Divorce Mediation

However, some divorces are caused by inequalities in the relationship. For example, under the guise of “saving money,” the person in power may encourage mediation. However, the spouse with less power in the relationship may agree to terms that aren’t favorable to them.

affordable divorces

No one wants to pay high legal bills, but sometimes the legal expertise you receive from an experienced Texas divorce attorney will save you tens of thousands in the long run.

In other words, you may need to spend money to fight to get what is fair to you.

Choose your battles carefully.

Some couples get wrapped up in arguments over relatively inexpensive and replaceable items. The battle for such things may cost more in fees than the item is worth.

Instead, use the divorce attorney’s time to resolve matters such as child support or perhaps spousal support. Your goal is to have the Texas divorce papers signed and filed. Don’t forget that goal!

Cheap divorce lawyers appreciate organized clients.

The law firm handling your divorce case has to gather a lot of financial information, such as the couple’s assets and debts. One way to speed up the divorce paperwork is to have both parties disclose all the necessary information in a clear and prompt manner.

Seeking an Affordable Divorce in Texas?

The family law office at Wilson Law, understands that families come in all shapes and sizes. When disagreements with your partner deteriorate and litigation is necessary, our San Antonio lawyers will represent you fairly, professionally, and discretely.

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