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A Small Business Lawyer Can Help Texas Business Owners

Blogs from August, 2022


When starting a small business, you may need to wear many hats while getting your company off the ground. For example, you may need to be your own IT coordinator, website designer, and custodian. However, one role you should leave to the professionals is that of a small business attorney – especially if you are hiring and managing employees or negotiating contracts.

Here are some ways a small business attorney can help protect you from a lawsuit, large tax bill, or expensive litigation.

Business Entity Lawyer for Small Businesses

You may be so excited about your idea for a product or service that you fail to carefully consider the business structure that would work best for your situation. However, choosing the wrong business entity can lead to serious consequences down the road, so you need a competent lawyer to guide you through the business formation process.

A business entity attorney helps small business owners by outlining the pros and cons of a corporation, limited liability company (LLCs), partnership, and more. These decisions are important, as they not only affect legal matters, but there are also tax implications of your decision.

Financial Lawyers and Tax Lawyers for Small Business Owners

One of your goals as a small business owner is to make money. However, if you have tax issues, you may struggle to grow. Rely on the assistance of a knowledgeable tax attorney when forming your business.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a sticky situation because you did not seek legal services when you formed your small business. It’s never too late to seek advice from a legal professional. Reach out to a law firm with small business experience.

Employment and Labor Lawyer

Before you hire your first employee, make sure you talk with an attorney specializing in employment law. They will help you understand hiring laws, contracts, benefits, and any additional information that will help you avoid lawsuits from wrongful terminations or any other agreements that would put your company’s assets at risk.

Collections Lawyer

Small business lawyers can also offer advice on collecting money owned to your small business. A business lawyer can help you go through the required legal action to ensure you receive the payments you are owed.

Contract Lawyer

Do you need help negotiating contracts? The other side will have lawyers helping them. You need a contract lawyer to look after your best interests. Seek the advice from one before you sign agreements with other companies.

For Help With All Business Legal Issues, Contact Wilson Law

Are you looking for a small business lawyer in San Antonio? Wilson Law can help you with all your legal needs. We can help you through the entire process. As soon as you have your business plan, reach out to a member of our staff.

Contact Wilson Law, for help with business legal services. We have been serving Texas clients since 1983 and offer a wide range of expert legal services, including family law, estate planning, and business law.

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