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Deion and Pilar Sanders’ high-profile divorce argued in court

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San Antonio residents have probably seen recent reports about the ongoing and volatile divorce between former NFL star, Deion Sanders, and his wife of many years, Pilar Sanders. Child support, financial issues and a prenuptial agreement have been at the center of the divorce dispute. After days and weeks of the divorce proceedings being aired back and forth in newspapers and media outlets, the two parties recently appeared in court with their legal teams to attempt to settle the matter.

The former NFL star has made his home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At the time of the marriage, both parties are thought to have signed a prenuptial agreement that is the key point of contention in the divorce proceedings. Also at issue is the child support agreement regarding what obligations the father will have in terms of monetary support for the couple’s three children.

A hearing in May of this year was held to determine the initial child support agreement based on the needs of the three children and Pilar Sanders. The judge in that hearing required that Deion Sanders pay child support but Pilar claims that Deion has fallen behind in payments worth $10,000.

In the recent proceedings, Pilar’s legal team argued that the prenuptial agreement, which states that a divorce between the couple would be settled in arbitration, is invalid because she never signed the document. But after hearing testimony on the matter, the judge ruled that the document is in fact valid and sent the divorce back to arbitration.

High-profile divorces played out in public view serve to highlight how emotionally difficult, complex and contentious these proceedings can be. Texas residents would do well to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities with respect to divorce, child custody and related issues in order to protect their interests and those of their children.

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