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Tips for Finding a Lawyer in San Antonio You Can Trust

Blogs from October, 2022


The San Antonio Bar Association has over 3,000 attorney members. So how do you find a professional lawyer in San Antonio when so many are available?

Here are some tips for narrowing down a list of thousands of competent attorneys into one that will best serve you.

Selecting a Lawyer in San Antonio

Many sources say that a person needing an attorney should find one by asking friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. While this method works when you need to find an HVAC repair person, we do not necessarily advise it for selecting a TX San Antonio attorney – especially if you have a lot riding on the case.

To be fair, your associates may be able to recommend a competent attorney who would serve you well. However, some of you using this method to find a lawyer will end up with your cousin’s brother-in-law, who barely passed the bar exam.

Instead, here are some things to consider when selecting an attorney in San Antonio.

Visit the San Antonio Bar Association Website

Consider starting your search by visiting the San Antonio Bar Association website.  Click on “Need a Lawyer.”

This website uses an automated online service to match you with possible attorneys in San Antonio. They base your referral on the legal issue and your geographic and language preferences. The San Antonio Bar Association screens the referral attorneys annually. Each must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and carry professional liability insurance.

Look at Online Reviews

Online resources can be another good source when selecting a professional lawyer. Some of these allow you to narrow your search to a specific legal specialty. From there, you can see how many years of experience each attorney has in the field. Some of these websites also allow clients to leave reviews of their San Antonio attorney,

You may have noticed that the same names keep popping up when searching for a specific type of attorney in the San Antonio area. Make a list of the top three or four and contact their offices.

Reach Out to Your Top Choices for San Antonio, TX Lawyers

Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation with a member of the staff. Take notes during your consultation.

Be prepared with a written list of questions, and take notes during the consultation. Here are some questions to ask the San Antonio area lawyers:

How much do you charge?

Legal fees depend on the type (and complexity) of your case.

  • Contingency Fees: Some San Antonio lawyers will work on contingency, which means they will collect fees after your potential settlement. Personal injury, medical malpractice, and certain labor cases frequently use a contingency fee structure.
  • Hourly Rate: Some firms work at an hourly rate. It’s worth noting that there may be other expenses, including court costs. Your San Antonio attorney may require a deposit or retainer to begin working on your case.
  • Flat Fee: Some attorneys in San Antonio agree to work for a flat fee. Ask if additional expenses (including court costs) are included in this rate. The attorney may require full payment upfront.

Who will handle my case?

Most law firms are staffed with legal assistants and paralegals. Ask who will handle your file, as this may affect the quality of service you receive from the San Antonio, TX law firm.

How will you let me know what’s happening with my case?

Being able to communicate with your San Antonio attorney is essential. Ask how often and under what circumstances you will hear from the firm. Ask about their typical response time.

Other questions . . .

Of course, you will also want to ask questions specific to your case, including asking if they had worked on legal cases similar to yours in San Antonio, TX. You may also want to ask if there are other ways to solve your legal problem (if you are not facing criminal charges.)

As you consider the answers from each San Antonio, TX lawyer, you may find yourself comparing the personalities of each attorney. It would help if you felt comfortable communicating with your San Antonio lawyer. However, remember that you aren’t selecting a therapist or friend. Don’t overlook the professional lawyer you interview who is “all business.”

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