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Finding an Adoption Lawyer to Handle Your San Antonio Adoption

Blogs from November, 2022


Finding the right adoption lawyer in San Antonio to assist you with the complicated adoption process is crucial. After all, you want the adoption to go smoothly for everyone involved. Here are some tips for finding the right adoption lawyer for your case. 

Finding an Adoption Lawyer in San Antonio

Congratulations if you are considering an addition to your family. You probably already know this, but there are many federal and state adoption laws and regulations for both adoptive families and biological parents. In addition, a great deal of paperwork must be filed following Texas adoption laws. Here are some tips for finding the best San Antonio adoption lawyers to help you through the adoption process.

Contact a San Antonio adoption lawyer early in the adoption process.

An experienced San Antonio adoption attorney can answer any preliminary questions about family law issues. After all, each type of adoption presents unique issues (international adoptions, private adoptions, stepparent adoptions, etc.). The earlier you can get started on the red tape required for adoption proceedings, the sooner you can complete the process.

Seek experienced San Antonio adoption lawyers.

At a minimum, make sure the San Antonio law firm you are considering has “adoption law” listed as one of their services. Next, ask what percentage of the practice is dedicated to adoption cases. Then, ask how many similar cases were successfully completed by the firm last year. 

Research the San Antonio adoption attorneys.

Ask other adoptive parents for recommendations for adoption attorneys in San Antonio or Bexar County. Adoption agencies may also offer guidance. 

Once you have asked your network of friends, family, and associates, look online for attorney reviews. You can find reviews on unlikely sites, such as Yelp and Facebook. There are also review sites that are specific to law firms. 

Ask upfront questions about pricing. 

The cost of your adoption case depends on various factors, including whether the birth parents are willing to give up their parental rights. Ask each San Antonio adoption lawyer specific questions about cost. 

Let Us Help You Become an Adoptive Family

A successful adoption takes time. Contact Wilson Law in San Antonio, TX, to get started on the process. Wilson Law was founded by William A. Wilson in 1983. Now, attorneys Eric D. Wilson and Matthew W. Brown are the firm’s managing partners. 

Wilson Law does adoption law, family and divorce law, probate law, business law, and estate planning. We represent a wide range of clients – individuals, families, businesses, large and small corporations, homeowners associations, and financial institutions in San Antonio and throughout southern and central Texas. 

Key Takeaways about Selecting an Adoption Lawyer in Texas

  • Discuss a potential adoption with an attorney ASAP so you have realistic expectations about the process.
  • Find a legal firm that specializes in adoptions.
  • Search for a San Antonio adoption lawyer with experience and a good reputation.

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